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Septic systems handle all the waste water from the house. (toilets, showers, dishwasher, laundry, sinks) Septic systems should be installed in dry areas free from rainwater runoff and high traffic areas. Traditional Septic systems are mostly comprised of 4 main components. The main waste line, the tank, the distribution boxes, and the leaching fields. While there are different set ups now a days like pump systems and dosing systems also.


  1. Main waste line replacement from the house to the tank is needed when you flush the toilet and it backs up into your bathroom
  2. Septic tank replacement is needed primarily because there is an existing old steel tank that is rotting and the actual steel walls look like a piece of Swiss cheese with holes all over. Can be a big potential hazard for children, dogs and adults as they can be walking along and just fall in if the tank collapses from the weight. Also needed for house additions where the tank is in the way of the new addition or the home owner or contractor illegally built around the tank. We can move it!
  3. Distribution boxes are used to direct the flow of waste water. If a box is not set properly the system will not work to optimum proficiency. Also using speed levelers inside the box you can shut certain fields off for prolonged life or overflow.
  4. Leeching fields are where all the waste water ends up and gets absorbed into the earth. There are now many types of waste water management from traditional fields with gravel and pipe to infiltrators and sand filtration systems. Each individual house situation needs to be observed by a professional to determine which type is best. The type of soil (clay, topsoil, bankrun, hardpan...) means everything. Each different type of soil has a different rate of absorption. Perk tests are needed or a trained eye who can determine the type of soil by looking at it.
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